Have you stopped to consider the effects on your families health by the continuous consumption of preservatives, colourings and additives within our diets?


 Many medical conditions can be directly related to what we eat.With this in mind a global trend began in the nineties towards better eating habits.
Consequently our parent company Sun Valley Australia Pty Ltdintroduced a dried pure fruit bar, known as True Fruit. Entering the new millennium, acquiring better eating habits will become more and more essential for you and your family.

Sorrel Wilby

Getaway Presenter, Adventurer.

On each trip we packed our True Fruits. We ate them for energy and comfort. That taste of something familiar when we were literally thousands of miles from home...

As a result of work commitments and busy lifestyles, many of the foods our families consume
now need to be assessed for their nutritional value.

True Fruit is the ideal snack:

Gluten Free
No Fat
No colouring No Added Sugar