Sorrel Wilby - Getaway Presenter, Adventurer.

Before joining Channel 9’s top rating travel program “Getaway”, my husband Chris Cianter and I spent many years as full time expeditioners and adventure-documentary makers.

We trekked the entire length of the Himalayas, climbed all the major peaks and ranges on the African continent (twice) and drove some 70,000 kms through outback Australia.

On each trip we packed our True Fruits. We ate them for energy and comfort.. that taste of something familiar when we were literally thousands of miles from home. Today I wouldn’t dream of hitting the trail even for a day walk without several in my pocket, they're as mandatory as a map or compass! And before long I know they’ll be finding their way into my son Aden’s school lunch box. It’s the only sure way to wean a born trekker!

D van der Heiden. Caboolture

whole family enjoys this excellent product and the nutritional information is very helpful. Please do not stop as there is nothing in the supermarkets that can possibly replace them.

Rita Lynch JP. Maitland NSW

I am a diabetic and a few months ago I came across your 100% True Fruit bars. I am writing to let you know how much I love them. I think they are fantastic. I have 11 grandchildren who love them like I do and have them in their school lunchbox.

Many many thanks for your wonderful bars.

Elisabeth Stuart-Fox. Dietitian-Nutritionist. Woolloongabba Qld

We found your True Fruit to be a perfect sweet snack substitute.

Their presentation and packaging is perfectly handy as they can be eaten on the run anywhere, do not get squashed in the bottom of bags, and keep well over a period.

Most Importantly, they are more attractively presented than regular dried fruit, which is a bonus due to the competition faced from the colourfully packaged lollies and chocolates.

As a Dietitian-Nutritionist, I was so pleased to see people enjoying your dried fruit products.

True Fruits are excellent products as they do not contain any other ingredients but fruit. They are not too sweet and have been found to be popular with both adults and children.

Veronica Trabant. Wodonga

I have just tried one of your products, True Fruit Plum & Apple. Not only are they great tasting, they are free of preservatives and additives and have no sugar.

Thanks for caring about the people who buy your products.

Keep up the good work!

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